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komatsu excavator for sale in 2022
komatsu excavator for sale in 2022

komatsu excavator for sale in 2022

Komatsu excavators are well known for their quality, durability and reliability. The Komatsu PC200 Series Excavator is no exception. Komatsu produces a wide range of mini excavators designed to suit your needs and budget. In this guide we’ll take a look at what makes the PC200 Series so popular with contractors and home owners alike, as well as how much they cost and who makes them!


1.Are Komatsu excavators any good?

2.How much does a Komatsu mini excavator cost?

3.Who makes Komatsu mini excavators?

4.Komatsu PC200 Series Excavator for sale

5.There are many different types of Komatsu Excavators


komatsu excavator

Are Komatsu excavators any good?

Komatsu excavators are great. They’re built to last, and they’re built to work hard. They’re easy to use and powerful, which is why they’re so popular with contractors and farmers who need their equipment to be reliable.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a Komatsu excavator, now is the time!

How much does a Komatsu mini excavator cost?

Considering the performance and reliability of a Komatsu PC200 Series excavator, you may find yourself asking how much does a Komatsu PC200 Series Excavator cost?

The answer depends on which model you want to purchase. The most popular models in this series include the PC220LC-7, PC210LC-10 and PC210LN1-1. The price tag for each of these machines ranges from $70k to $75k. However, we do offer some discounts if you’re able to pay upfront or make payments over time! All sales are final so make sure your purchase is worth it before committing!

Who makes Komatsu mini excavators?

komatsu excavator

Komatsu is a Japanese company, founded in 1887 by Shigeichi Komatsu, who made dummies for the silk-reeling industry. In 1926 it was incorporated as a joint stock company and began manufacturing heavy equipment for the military sector.

Around 30 years ago Komatsu started to build mini excavators called PC200-6L and PC220-5L. These models were very popular among customers because of their simplicity and high quality. In this article we will consider these machines in detail so that you can decide whether or not to buy one for yourself!

Komatsu PC200 Series Excavator for sale

komatsu excavator

We match customers with the most appropriate Komatsu excavators for sale. Komatsu builds a variety of excavators that are suited for various applications, from small to large jobsites. The PC200 series includes four different models: the PC200-5 (which comes in two different specifications), the PC200-3, and the PC200-2. All have similar features and capabilities but offer slightly differing specs depending on their size and horsepower.

komatsu excavator

There are many different types of Komatsu Excavators

Komatsu is one of the most popular brands for excavator models. The company offers a wide range of different models, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

When buying a used Komatsu excavator, it’s important to have all the necessary information about its features and condition. Komatsu also has a special website where users can check out all the available deals on used equipment at any given time.

The seller should be able to provide you with an inspection report or certificate which will give you more confidence in your purchase decision. If not then try getting another opinion from someone else who knows something about construction machinery before making up your mind on whether or not to buy this particular machine!

There are many different types of Komatsu Excavators. Each one is unique, but there are some common features that make them all great.

Komatsu excavators are used in many different industries and applications, including:

Mining – for digging and moving large amounts of earth

Construction – for moving dirt around as part of building a structure or road

Farming – to dig holes and move soil around, such as seed planting or seeding fields after harvest season


The Komatsu Excavator is one of the most popular excavators in the United States. The company has been around for many years, making them a trusted brand for construction companies and homeowners alike. There are many different types available on our website so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

If you’re looking for a Komatsu mini excavator, we have a great selection available online. Check out our current offers and get the best prices on new and used machines today!