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Chinese mini excavator for sale
Chinese mini excavator for sale

Chinese mini excavator for sale

Chinese mini excavator are popular all around the world, from Australia to South Africa to North America and Europe.

However, with so many different models on offer, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. That’s why we have put together this complete guide to chinese mini excavators for sale – so you can find the ideal machine for your job site!

Are chinese mini excavators any good?

chinese mini excavator for sale

You may have heard that Chinese mini excavators are of poor quality. This is not entirely true, as there are many reasons why a Chinese mini excavator is a good choice for your business.

chinese mini excavator
chinese mini excavator

First off, these machines are durable and reliable. They can withstand the everyday wear-and-tear of construction work with ease. With proper maintenance and care, they can last for years without breaking down or losing power.

In addition to being sturdy enough to handle heavy-duty jobs all day long, Chinese mini excavators also cost significantly less than similar models made by Western brands such as CAT or John Deere—saving you money in the long run! Furthermore, their parts tend to be cheaper than those required by other companies’ products too—making them more cost effective over time (and less expensive overall). Plus if something breaks down during operation they’re usually easy enough fix at home using simple tools like wrenches or screwdrivers rather than having them repaired professionally which means there’s less downtime between projects due to maintenance issues caused by faulty equipment; saving money on labor costs while keeping workers safe.”

What life expectancy of a chinese mini excavator?

chinese mini excavator parts

The life expectancy of a chinese mini cat excavator is about 10 years, which is higher than that of the Japanese and Korean excavators. The reason for this is that Chinese mini excavators are used in rough environments with high loads, such as mountain landslides and construction sites at high altitudes, where they have to perform heavy-duty tasks like moving rocks and fallen trees. They are also used in harsh climates such as Siberia or arid deserts like the Gobi Desert. Therefore, they need to be extremely durable machines if they want to stand up against these conditions. It should be noted that most Chinese excavators are also made using domestic parts only (the engines).

Which mini digger is best?

buying a chinese mini excavator

The answer to this question depends on what your needs are and how much money you’re willing to spend. There are a wide range of different types of mini diggers available, some with more features than others. If you’re looking for something that can be used on site at home or in the garden, then choosing one with a shorter arm length could help save space when storing it away. However, if you have lots of digging work around your house then longer arms may be needed so that they can reach further down into the ground without causing any damage when cutting through roots or tree stumps.

If you’ve got deep pockets then larger models might be more suitable because they can cover larger areas quicker but they will also cost much more than smaller alternatives (such as those found here).

How to choose the best chinese mini excavator?

cheap chinese mini excavator

cheap chinese mini excavator
cheap chinese mini excavator
  • It is important to consider the price of an excavator before you buy it. You can get a good quality machine at an affordable price.
  • It is important to choose a machine that best suits your needs. There are different types of mini excavators available in the market, so choose one according to your needs and budget.
  • Choose a machine that has good after sales service, as this will help you solve any issues with your equipment in case of any breakdowns or malfunctions.
  • Choose a machine which has good spare parts availability because if there is no spare part available for maintenance purpose then you may have to wait for weeks without operating the machine until new replacement parts arrive from China or other countries where these machines are manufactured.

How much does a chinese mini excavator cost?

chinese mini excavator price

The price range for a Chinese min excavator is between $15,000 and $25,000. The cost to operate a Chinese mini excavator is about $1.70 per hour. This will vary depending on if it’s gas or electric powered, what kind of attachments you are using (bucket or auger), whether you have an hour meter on board and how many hours per day you plan to run it.

chinese mini excavator price
chinese mini excavator price

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If you want an American made mini excavator then the cost would be around $30,000 plus another $3-5/hour for operating costs. If you are looking for something that is more powerful than a skid steer but smaller than a regular sized skid steer then there aren’t many options available in North America so most people go with something from China instead unless they want to spend more money than necessary on their first machine!


Chinese mini hitachi excavators are very popular because they have a low price and are easy to operate. They also have a good performance in certain jobs such as digging, loading and unloading. If you are looking for something that is affordable with good quality then this is the right pick for you!If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!