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Best Hitachi excavators in 2022
Best Hitachi excavators in 2022

Best Hitachi excavators in 2022

Hitachi is a Japanese manufacturer of excavators and other heavy machinery. It was established in 1910 as a merger between two companies, Nippon Electric Company and Shibaura Seisaku-sho (a lighting company). The name Hitachi comes from combining the kanji characters for “electric” and “lamp”, which were part of the original names.

Hitachi excavators have an excellent reputation for reliability, with many customers reporting that their machines still run well after over 20 years of use. They are built using high-quality materials and components that last a long time without needing replacement or repair work done on them regularly.”

Where are Hitachi excavators made?

Hitachi mini excavators

Hitachi excavators
Hitachi excavators

Hitachi excavators are made in Japan.

Hitachi is a Japanese company that manufactures construction equipment, industrial machinery, and electronics. It was founded on April 15, 1910, by Namihei Odaira as the “Hitachi Seisakusho.” The company’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. Hitachi is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy machinery and electronics worldwide with multiple subsidiaries including Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd and Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd (HAS).

Are Hitachi excavators any good?

best Hitachi excavators

If you’re looking for a cheap excavator that will help you complete your job, then Hitachi is the way to go.

The value of Hitachi’s construction equipment can’t be overstated. Their machines are built with quality and durability in mind, but they also come with great features like 3D positioning and Auto Grade Control (AGC) technology that make life on the job site easier than ever before.

With Hitachi excavators, you’ll have access to many different models at different price points so that no matter what your budget looks like or how large your project is, there will be a machine that fits within it seamlessly.

What engine does Hitachi use?

used Hitachi excavators
used Hitachi excavators

used Hitachi excavators

Hitachi excavators use a variety of engines, including Kohler, Komatsu, and Cummins. The most common engine in Hitachi excavators is Kohler. Kohler is known for their reliability and durability. Most Hitachi excavators use the K Series engines that are built with a simple design that makes them easy to fix.

K Series engines have been used since the early 2000s and they come with a manual recoil starter motor that can be operated without electricity or fuel injection systems. These engines are also fitted with a fully-enclosed cooling system that provides superior performance when working in extreme conditions such as cold climates or high altitudes where temperatures may drop below zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

What is the lifespan of Hitachi excavators?

Hitachi diggers for sale

The lifespan of Hitachi excavators varies depending on the model and the complexity of the machine. We can say that most excavators have a lifespan between 6 and 15 years, but this will depend on how you use them and whether you have taken care of them properly.

To extend its life, you should follow some simple steps:

  • Keep it clean with a high-quality lubrication system (oil change) every year or after each usage;
  • Do not overload your Hitachi excavator;
  • Use only genuine parts for maintenance work and repairs;

How to choose the best Hitachi excavators?

Hitachi mini digger
Hitachi mini digger

Hitachi mini digger

When choosing the best Hitachi excavator, it is important to consider the type of work you will be doing, the size of the job, and your budget. You should also consider whether you need a diesel or petrol engine and how reliable your machine will be. If you are looking at buying an old truck second-hand that may not have been serviced regularly, then make sure you know what repairs may be needed in the future so that they can be carried out easily when needed as this could save money over time because newer models tend to cost more due to their reliability and durability which means fewer maintenance costs overall compared with older models which don’t last as long due to wear-and-tear caused by frequent use over long periods (more frequent than most people’s lifetime).

How much does a Hitachi excavator cost?

How much does a Hitachi excavator cost?

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The price range for brand-new Hitachi excavators is $30,000-$4 million. The average used Hitachi excavator price is around $10,000. Each model has its own unique features and specifications, and these can affect the final cost. For example, if you want an extra large cab with air conditioning and heated seats, then it will be more expensive than one without these features. Another thing to add to this equation is whether or not you are going with a new or used machine – prices vary widely depending on which option you choose!

What are some optional features?

Some optional features include larger cabs with better safety technology (such as air conditioning), as well as remote control systems that allow people at great distances away from the construction site (for example: in an office) to operate machinery like cranes or backhoes remotely using Wi-Fi technology instead of having someone physically sitting inside them all day long while they work out in the hot sun all day long!


All in all, Hitachi excavators are some of the best machines out there. They have a great reputation and are made by a company that has been around since 1910. If you’re looking for a compact excavator that can handle any job, whether it be on- or off-road, then a Hitachi is perfect for you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!