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336 cat excavator for sale
336 cat excavator for sale

336 cat excavator for sale

If you are looking for the perfect excavator for your project, look no further. The 336 cat excavator is a powerful machine that has many great features. From its performance and safety to its efficiency, this tool was built with one thing in mind: to get the job done right every time.

How much does a 336 cat excavator weight?

336 cat excavator specs

When you’re purchasing a 336 cat excavator, the weight of the equipment is an important factor to consider. The 336 cat weighs between 21.0 and 35.0 short tons (20,412 kilograms). The exact weight will depend on the model and whether it has been configured with any extra features such as a backhoe attachment or snow plow.

336 cat excavator
336 cat excavator

The weight capacity of a 336 cat excavator depends on several factors including its size, engine type and configuration options. Larger machines tend to be more capable of carrying heavier loads than smaller models due to their greater power ratings and reinforced frames that support larger weights without compromising stability or performance capabilities while operating in potentially dangerous environments where they may be required to transport heavy materials over long distances without coming into contact with other types of equipment like dump trucks or forklifts which could damage them if they were moving too fast/slowly along roads/pathways with lots of curves/bends etcetera

How much fuel does a Cat 336 burn per hour?

336 cat excavator weight

If you’re considering investing in a new wheeled excavator, you may be wondering how much fuel it will use.

The Cat 336 is a relatively small machine that can be used for a variety of jobs, from digging holes for posts to landscaping. The Cat 336 weighs about 8 tons and will consume about 65 gallons per hour with the bucket attached. This makes it great for smaller jobs like digging holes and planting trees or shrubs.

If you need a larger machine that can hold more dirt, then consider buying the CAT 315B Excavator which weighs in at 20 tons and consumes 100 gallons of fuel per hour when working with its bucket attached

What life expectancy of a 336 cat excavator?

336 cat excavator load chart

336 cat excavator load chart
336 cat excavator load chart

The 336 cat excavator is a reliable and strong machine that can be used for long periods of time. This machine is powerful and has an engine that can work with it for longer periods of time, which makes the 336 cat excavator last for 15 years at least.

The 336 cat link belt excavator has a strong frame that helps to prevent any problems with the machine in general. The frame will keep everything together as well as make sure you don’t break anything when using it, so your machine doesn’t break down on its own or get damaged by anyone else who might want to use it either.

How to choose a best 336 cat excavator?

336 cat excavator lifting capacity

There are many things that you should look for when choosing the best 336 cat excavator. The first thing to consider is the latest technology. If there are new features that other models don’t have, it may be a good idea to upgrade. The warranty is also important because it’s a sign of quality and longevity. Make sure that all parts are covered under the warranty plan and that there is no extra cost for repairs or maintenance services. Another factor in buying an excavator is reputation; make sure you find out how long the company has been in business before deciding on your purchase.

Another factor in buying an excavator is price; look for one with a lower price tag than competitors but still offers great value for money (such as being better equipped). Customer service should also be considered when making your decision because good customer service means less chance of breakage down later on down its life cycle which can lead up costing more money than initially expected due its higher maintenance costs compared with the Hitachi excavator on offer at this moment while purchasing this product online through reputable websites like Amazon Marketplace or eBay Motors might mean

you get lucky enough find some cheap deals but make sure they come with full warranties before spending any money on them because if something goes wrong then chances of fixing these issues yourself without needing professional help might not always possible depending upon how complex those problems may be so always go through terms & conditions carefully before making any commitments about purchasing anything from

How much is a new cat 336 excavator?

336 cat excavator price new

Knowing the price of a used excavator should help you make an informed decision. You may be able to get one at a much lower cost than if you were to buy new. The average cost of this type of equipment is $47,500, but it can vary depending on the make and model. You’ll also need to consider costs associated with repairs and maintenance, which can add up quickly over time.

If you are looking into buying a used cat 336 excavator, what should you look for? First off, be sure that all parts are there before agreeing on any purchase because some sellers might try to sell part-out machines (machines where only some parts were removed). Next thing we would recommend checking out how often does this machine need service; if its regular maintenance schedule is not within budget then maybe it’s not worth investing in after all!

Lastly before purchasing anything always check through our guides section so that no surprises happen in future when using these heavy duty construction tools!

336 cat excavator price
336 cat excavator price

How much does a 336 cat excavator cost?

336 cat excavator price

The 336 Cat excavator is a large track-driven machine that’s used for digging and moving rocks and dirt. It’s available in single or double boom configuration, with the latter being more popular for mining operations. The machine weighs over 40 tons when empty and can reach operating weight of up to 100 tons with full load.

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The 336 cat excavator price depends on its condition, age, and make/model. In general terms, you should expect to pay between $30k-$50k for an older machine in good working condition; newer models will cost $60k-$70k each without attachments or accessories — but these prices could be higher depending on the features offered by each model (i.e., bucket size). Rental costs range from $600-$1K per day ($3K-$6K per month), while leasing options are generally cheaper per month but require upfront payments totaling around 5% more than purchasing outright would cost over five years’ time period..


We conclude that the Cat 336 is a very powerful and reliable machine. It is an ideal choice for those who want to buy a good excavator, but still do not want to spend too much money on it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!