Talenet is engaged in the trade of various trucks and machinery and equipment,Used Excavator,Used Loader.,etc.
At Talenet Achieve Your Goals

At Talenet Achieve Your Goals

The main products of we do are Used construction machinery.

Hot Products

Hot Products

Boost Productivity with the 349 Cat Excavator: A Game-Changer for Construction Projects

The 349 Cat Excavator is a game-changer in the construction industry, providing unmatched power, performance, and versatility. With its exceptional digging and lifting capabilities, advanced... Read More "Boost Productivity with the 349 Cat Excavator: A Game-Changer for Construction Projects"

CAT349D Series Eexcavator

Parameters Year:2015 Rated Power:283kw Total Hydraulic System Capacity:243L Color:Yellow Fuel Tank:705L Oil Tank:42L CAT349D excavator machine is a new-generation medium duty earth digging machinery, which... Read More "CAT349D Series Eexcavator"

Komatsu PC200 Series Excavator

Parameters Year:2015Rated Power:107kwFuel Tank:400LColor:YellowOil Tank:24LTotal Hydraulic System Capacity:24L Come and take a look at our new excavator, it has a rated power of 107 kW,... Read More "Komatsu PC200 Series Excavator"

LiuGong CLG950E Excavator

Parameters Year:2021Rated Power:280kwTotal Hydraulic System Capacity:520LColor:YellowFuel Tank:290LOil Tank:650LStandard Bucket Capacity:3.6 m3 This Excavator is powerful and ready to serve you. The vehicle has a 3.6... Read More "LiuGong CLG950E Excavator"

LiuGong CLG856H Loader

Parameters Year:2015 width:2970mm length:8230mm Color:Yellow Standard Bucket Capacity:3 m3 Standard Bucket Capacity... Read More "LiuGong CLG856H Loader"

LiuGong CLG835H Loader

Parameters Truck Type:loaderColor:YellowTruck Brand:LiuGonglength:7375mmwidth:2460mmStandard Bucket Capacity:3 m3Working Weight Of The Whole Machine:10000kg... Read More "LiuGong CLG835H Loader"

LiuGong CLG862H Loader

Parameters Truck Type:loaderColor:YellowTruck Brand:LiuGonglength:8628mmwidth:3046mmStandard Bucket Capacity:3.5 m3Working Weight Of The Whole Machine:19500kg... Read More "LiuGong CLG862H Loader"

LiuGong CLG890H Loader

Parameters Truck Type:loaderColor:YellowTruck Brand:LiuGonglength:9352mmwidth:3440mmStandard Bucket Capacity:5.4 m3Working Weight Of The Whole Machine:30600kg... Read More "LiuGong CLG890H Loader"

Company Profiles

TalenetGroup was founded in 2017. The company is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, which is known as my country’s “Railway Heart.” Group company. At present, the company has cooperated with the e-commerce industry incubation base in Henan Province to jointly create an online and offline operation model based on “Internet +”, escorting more comprehensive services to customers at home and abroad.